About me

I'm John Silva, 25 years old from Portugal, currently residing in Japan.
Professional freelance artist for 4 years, I've done published work for a lot of card illustrations, Package art, Book Covers, Character design/Illustrations and Game Art for:

-Wizards of the Coast: Magic the Gathering.
- Netease.
- Hi-Rez: Smite.
- Applibot - Legend of the Cryptids, Galaxy Saga.
- Warner Bros/Kabam: The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth.
- Tokkun Studio/Gameloft: Dungeon Gems.
- Secret Base: Monstrous.
- Griffineus Publication: Aerisia - Field of battler, Aerisia - Gateway to the underworld, Aerisia - Land beyond the sunset.
- Cottle Michael: Euclid's Fire , Return of the serpent.
- Fantasy Flight Games - Call of chtulhu, Talysman.
- Alderac Entertainment Group - Phase.
- Kingdom Death.
- Dream Reactor
- Microsoft Xbox Live.
Self taught education:
Since I remember I've been doodling here and there but really disliked traditional painting due to the lack of my understanding. Sketching and pencil drawings were the things I loved and spent my time doing as a kid. 2009 was when I really made up my mind to start digital painting seriously and loved it! I spent about 1 year just doing digital painting studies by myself and trying to break into the industry, after that, on the 2nd year I started freelancing full time and I'm very happy where I stand now, all the hard work, sweat and blood has been paying off and still this very day I don't stop trying to improve as I go.
The higher I climb, the harder I work.